Cheers: Don’t Believe the Myths

I am a sceptical person. This is why I hesitate to believe this latest social media innovation, supposedly from Budweiser Brazil, is anything more than a hoax:

Buddy Cup

The idea behind the “Buddy Cup,” as the video explains, is drinkers can add each other as friends on Facebook merely by tapping special high-tech cups. Cheers and you’ve added a new member to your social network.

News reports suggest it’s being trialled in South America, although I haven’t been able to confirm this for myself. A big part of me hopes it is a joke. The notion of assigning a beer cup to be the gatekeeper of your private information is pretty disturbing.

Anyway, another area of scepticism for me: the history of toasting glasses.

I have never heard anyone offer a credible explanation — that hasn’t been refuted — for why it’s a tradition. One should be wary of myths about poison concerns and evil spirits.

Really, I think people have just always liked that “clink” noise.

Also I haven’t found a historian ready to provide context around those silly superstitions like looking people in the eyes or not reaching across arms when touching glasses. I am, however,¬†matrimonially attached to¬†someone who fanatically enforces such rules.

Still, you know what? Whatever. Sure it’s all a bit silly, but really who cares in the end. You’re having a good time and your glass is full. Life. Is. Good.

Cheers to that.

Cheers again