Scandapolitan: My Favourite Cocktail at Nordic Bar

Muddled raspberries and passion fruit shaken with vanilla and raspberry vodkas, Cointreau, passion fruit syrup and lingonberry juice strained into a frozen martini glass.



This is a reason to go to Nordic Bar.

It’s like a Cosmopolitan only fuller and berrier. It’s too runny to be a jam but I’d spread it on my toast if it were possible.

Here’s a confession: I had never heard of one of its main ingredients. How often do you come across lingonberry juice?

I’ve since learnt that lingonberries are related to blueberries and cranberries, only not quite as tart as the latter.

A few quick Google searches also allude to a variety of possible health benefits of lingonberry juice, namely around blood pressure.

Ha – as if you needed a medical excuse to try it!