Bluebird Chelsea: Bright and Airy, No Feeling Caged Here

King’s Road is littered with hotspots for a cocktail or two, but I think I may have found a new favourite location.

My other half and I had a cosy evening at Bluebird Chelsea last weekend. We ate dinner there, but most pretty young things flock to Bluebird for the bar.

You can see why: bright and open with plenty of plush places to perch, it’s an aviary for more glamorous than normal barflys.

Any one of the high-heeled ladies in high-visibility dresses leaning against the shiny bar could have been a footballer’s wife or girlfriend. Even outside, in the heated outdoor area, the blue jean gals on the sofas looked impeccably airbrushed as they chirped and passed a wine bottle around.

No one seemed to mind they were spending the cost of a cab fare to Buckingham Palace on each cocktail.

This may be because Bluebird doesn’t skimp on style or taste when it comes to drinks. My other half and I were very pleased with our bar orders last weekend. I will tell you all about them starting tomorrow.