Vitarita: A Pleasurable Way to Get Your Five a Day

Here’s a confession: I don’t own a blender. When I said previously in blogs that I chucked ingredients into a blender, I was speaking about my chopper — a little kitchen gizmo that’s great for making salsa. It doesn’t like grinding ice or blending fruits. I’ve usually done all the hard smashing myself before putting it into the device.

So today I decided it is absolutely necessary I get a proper blender. That way, I can make amazing cocktails like this one:


My friend text messaged me a picture of this the other day. Her friend, a talented mixologist, had just whipped up strawberries, pineapple, coconut, kiwi, bananas and rum in a blender to make a delicious looking cocktail. She didn’t divulge the ratios. Perhaps it’s a closely guarded secret?

Anyway, what do we call this thing?

“No name for it,” my friend said about her buddy’s drink. “but I was thinking Vitarita since she said it has a lot of vitamins in it.”

Definitely one of the better ways to get your five a day!