Bacon-Infused Whisky: A Cautionary Tale

No matter how much your man loves whisky or bacon, stop him before he tries to make this.


This is a waste of good whisky – Laphroaig (Islay, Single Malt, 10 years old, to be precise).

The cocktail is simple. Step 1: Cook some bacon. Step 2: Let bacon cool in a container. Step 3: Bathe bacon in whisky. Step 4: Cover and let sit for an hour. Step 5: Pour resulting liquid into a whisky glass and garnish with a bacon strip.

The result is greasy and barely drinkable.

Peaty whisky and smoky bacon are two great flavours, but they quarrel when combined. If one were to ever try this experiment again, I would suggest using a lesser quality whisky. My theory is that bacon may actually improve the texture of a sub-standard spirit. Still, I think I’ll wait awhile before trying to prove it.