Tequila Sunset: Another Lesson From the Mixologist

I have yet to ask if she’d like credit by name, but my friend’s friend the mixologist has just shared another great cocktail with me. Let’s for now call her K.


Here’s how K describes one of her favourites:

“It’s tequila, OJ, peach¬†schnapps and grenadine. Don’t mix the grenadine. Let it fall to the bottom so it looks multi-colored. You should add a straw so people can mix it once they get it. You can try to find a fruity liqueur that will sit on top of the grenadine without mixing. There is an art to layering drinks so they have multi-colors. It all depends on the thickness of the liqueur. Find a fruity drink that is either orange or pink to layer between the red and yellow, and you can create a beautiful tequila sunset. I haven’t figured that one out yet!”

Sounds like a project for this weekend.