Sitges Citrus: Spanish Holiday in a Glass


Blue waves splashing against the rocks of the Spanish coast were the inspiration for this drink. I call it a Sitges Citrus.



POUR 1/2 shot of BLUE CURACAO LIQUEUR into the bottom of a glass. FILL with ICE. TOP it up with CAVA. GARNISH with an ORANGE PEEL TWIRL and UMBRELLA.

For something sweeter and softer, you can ADD 1/2 shot of FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE. This will, however, create more of a lagoon than a seascape in your cup.


I like both versions, except the first looks mas bonita. I also prefer its bitter orange tang.

Either recipe produces a crisp, sipping drink that is probably best served poolside or with a view of the ocean.

You can almost hear the seagulls cawing now.